Electric Six made on 7 November in St. Petersburg

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Crowd pleasers, the authors super-hits "Gay Bar", "Danger! High Voltage", "Dance Commander", kings of MTV, energetic and always surprising, powerful and shocking, inimitable American rockers. All this and more - explosive cocktail -the band ELECTRIC SIX!
In his fourteenth Studio album "Bride of the devil" Electric Six explores the concept of evil and depravity, various retreats of mankind from grace, the nine circles of purgatory and of course the Internet itself. The title song dedicated to Russia. Nowhere else Russian assets have not felt as good as this song. But the rest of the song is also darned good. The fourteenth album by Electric Six gorgeous, pleasant to the touch, heavy in sound and poetry. Our sound will spoil you and turn into a beautiful bride of the Devil, which you really are. "Fraulein, take this severed arm with the creepy long nails from the beginning of time. Is this really your fate."
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