Mister Misery

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Mister Misery
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Photo by Seike Clowniac

Hello guys, how are you? How do you deal with the current situation, personally and as a band?

Hi there, Were fine considering the circumstances that are not easy for every musician right now. Well we try to make the best out of it, think positive, stay fit and focus on things we can achieve without leaving the house too often. As a band we use the time given very carefully to prepare ourselves to get back on the road. We focus on writing new material and connect with our fans on digital channels. But we didnt just want to warm up old stories, therefore we decided to do something special as a little treat to our fans.

What is your general opinion on this whole Covid-19 thing. Humanity Has screwed it up again?

I guess we could have reacted quicker in order to prevent the world from an outbreak on this enormous scale. As some of the information was accessible in time. But we more or less adjusted to the situation now and it is pointless to blame governments or people for past decisions, but it is very important to learn from those mistakes and try not to let this happen again.

What do you think, how badly will the music industry be affected when the crisis is over? It is definitely going to be a different landscape well see in live entertainment and the music industry in general. Especially given the fact that we still dont exactly know when it will finally be over. The support from the community has been tremendous, but there needs to be more federal support to preserve the small club scene and ultimately our underground culture.

Can you already tell something about the surprise that is waiting for your fans soon?

Well its going to be something special and something new for everyone ;-)

Have you already thought about making an online concert, as many of your colleagues are doing now? We actually did a live Q&A last Sunday, which was amazing. We planned on doing that for 30 mins, but we got completely carried away by it and it went on for more than an hour, which has proven the support from our fans.

What do your plans for 2020 look like now?

Keeping fingers crossed every day. We hope that we can pick up our live schedule in September this year and apart from that were busy on writing for the next album already and prepare for the big festival comeback in 2021.

Thank you and stay save and healthy!

Thanks, You too