Hamburg Metal Dayz 2018: classic heavy metal meeting celebrated its seventh anniversary

Hamburg Metal Dayz 2018: classic heavy metal meeting celebrated its seventh anniversary
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the press service of the Hamburg Metal Dayz

On 21 and 22 September place of worship in Northern Germany, Markthalle in Hamburg, again became a place already for the seventh Hamburg Metal Dayz.

Combat vests and t-shirts, music experts, representatives of the entertainment industry, fans of metal music and happy faces, all the impressions collected in the most difficult event this year at the Reeperbahn Festival.

"We are again amazed by the positive energy that appears at MetalDayz every year" - said Holger hübner and Thomas Jensen for ICS Festival Service GmbH. Dialogue with fans and guests gives us suggestions and ideas for WackenOpenAir and our other activities, and, while we celebrate together a sense of unity is created in a very natural way between the fans, artists and industry representatives. That's what is important for the metal scene, and that rare to find concentrated on one event, as is happening here. We are proud and happy that HamburgMetalDayz is an integral part of the Reeperbahn festival, and this event has now become a meeting place for all metalheads, regardless of whether you are a fan of or whether, for reasons related to work."

Performed on the stage on this metal family gathering at Reeperbahn Festival artists such as Beyond The Black, Battle Beast, Audrey Horne, Jesper Binzer, Ondt Blod, Sibir, The Hirsch Effekt, Warpath, Rezet, Fight The Fight, Bonfire and Syndemic. Saturday Skindred did a fabulous finale with their unique blend of metal, iregge.

On mit & grit fans could meet their heroes, take pictures and get autographs. Metal yoga went to body and soul. All guests had the opportunity to talk or listen to Holger hübner and Thomas Jensen on their annual Q&A session or get tips from the coach of the critics of Thomas Fischer to improve the vocals. Jeremy Lior and Dan Potter from CreativeWorks spoke about his multidisciplinary Studio branding and content creation, and collaboration with GunsN 'Roses and Aerosmith. Due to its unique process MakeItLive® they enliven the concerts.

You need a new tattoo or printed art for your home? Or do you just spend time, see the group and have fun together - HamburgMetalDayz meet the needs of each metalhead.

After the festival there is a period before the festival date of the next Hamburg Metal Dayz will be September 20 - September 21, 2019. Pre-sale starts in the fall, and tickets will be available at and hotline +49 4827 -999 666 66.

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