The results of the festival Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019

The results of the festival Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019
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From 17 to 19 may 2019 in Saint-Petersburg hosted the first ever international festival of pop culture Comic Con Saint Petersburg.

For three days the event was attended by approximately 28 000 people. More than 70 companies-participants of the festival presented the novelties from the world of cinema and comics. On 8500 м2площади the pavilion 7 of "Lenexpo" complex has been built stands of such companies as Nintendo, Disney, "Twentieth Century Fox CIS", Universal Pictures International, BUBBLE and many others.

Special guests Comic Con Saint Petersburg steel actor Ivan Reon("Game of thrones", "Misfits", "Mad men"), stars of the popular game Detroit: Become Human Brian Descartes and Amelia rose Blair acter Stefan Kapicic, known for the role of Colossus in the films, "Deadpool" and "Deadpool 2". Special guest from the company Crunchyroll became Ancord.

In the framework of the festival were the presentations and panels with invited artists and member of "the alley of Authors" – this year they were Dalibor Talajic ("Deadpool kills the marvel universe"), Matt Hollinsworth("Batman: the White Knight"), Matteo Scalera ("Black science"), as well as Colombian artist artist John "JaGo" Guerra ("Life with Hipsters and Gamershell").

In the cinema of Comic Con Saint Petersburg hosted a number of Russian premieres, including the action Comedy "the Playboy under cover" with Pamela Anderson and a feature-length anime "Mobile soldier GUNDAM". Director Alexey Petrukhin and Anna Churina actress talked about the film "the Secret of the seal of the dragon". Actors Gleb Bochkov and Olivier SIU presented the Russian steampunk fantasy "Abigail".

In addition, at Comic Con Saint Petersburg was the debut film by max Minghella of"the dream", and on the stage of the event was the presentation of the fantastic project of Janik Fayzieva "Goalkeeper of the Galaxy". In the cinema hall of the festival also held an autograph and photo session with the studios of the voice of "Courage the Bombay" (Denis Kolesnikov) and the "Cube in a cube" (Ruslan Gabidullin and Olga Kravtsova).

The festival also hosted the Russian premiere screening of the project Saga of the Evil Tanya, a special screening of "Time of adventure" project "Hacking the universe" Studio Wild Digital, interactive comic Russian Hackers Comics, and comic book project "This is a COMIC" from the creators of "This is GOOD". Producers and Directors Sarik and Ghevond Andreasyan presented the movie trailers of"Robo" and "Coma".

Russian film dubbing Peter Glantz spoke about a new project Warner Bros. "Pokemon. Detective Pikachu". Also presented were the upcoming movie "Godzilla 2: king of the monsters".

The official festival programme concluded with the world premiere of a new project at Sony Pictures – superhero horror film "Gori, Gori yasno" from producer James Gunn ("Guardians of the Galaxy").