Big solo concert in FLACONе Anacondaz: rain and fire

Big solo concert in FLACONе Anacondaz: rain and fire
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Julia Rantseva

"T9 us know — we're famous!" in the capital died down summer "Picnic Pauzern" group Anacondaz, as it were.

Wednesday, July 24, Astrakhan team Anacondaz held its third capital "Pauzern Picnic". Concert in the open air, surrounded by diverse food courts (for example, products Volkovskaya brewery). The venue for this event was again one of the best creative clusters of Moscow — flacon design-Zavod FLACON.

This year the guys are celebrating your 10th anniversary, so SOLD OUT the day before the speech was not a surprise. At the concert you could buy the newly printed tickets to the anniversary of the December concert in Adrenalin Stadium. By the way, the excitement had little effect on the input — the organizers made a miracle and by the beginning of heating the hall was full, and a cordon of not attracted to traditional long queue.

Opening for them was well familiar Shadows of Liberty. With the task "to stir up the crowd" guys have done it completely — if by "Evolution offends" the hall sang actively, then a track from the new album "Who are you?", on the site commenced hot slam. In General, the guys and the guests started and the rain (!) dispersed — that is the level!

"Before the show started five minutes left..." boomed the speakers and the people flocked closer to the stage. "Before the show started four minutes left... three... two... one..." and exploded the first chords of the track "nothing hurts." On the second track "angel" soared up into the sky as much as a pile of red confetti and started a show.

This year's group anniversary, so the set list was rich: and old tracks — "Hate", "Rockstar",, "Save, but not save", "Mama, I love you", and very old, "Naive", "Hello City" and fresh "Cold", "Cabernet", "do You know who he is." The audience reacted a powerful support circle pit and slam up in almost every song.

As always, communication was at the highest level. So, on the song "BDSM" the guys asked all the guys in the room to raise his (or her) the girls on the shoulders, and later devoted to the fair sex song "memories of you" and the chorus of the track "Innocence" has invited two guests from the audience to play guitar while the rest of the crowd sang.

At the end of the performance the audience traditionally sat during the performance of "My husband" and ended the official part of the concert the song "Motorcycle". Of course, after was encore! The guys returned to the stage with the track "Hate", and finished off your great summer picnic is a traditional farewell song "Trains" on which the hall was illuminated with hundreds of lanterns.

"Pauzern Picnic" has become one of the most exciting performances of this summer. Anacondaz way was long from the opening act Noize MC, to full Stadium — but still it is evident that children sincerely and with dedication carry out each of their performance. We wish them good luck in the tour and looking forward to the jubilee concert in the capital. Yeah, yeah!

Author: Yevgeny Kulikov