Spleen in Nizhny Novgorod April 8

Spleen in Nizhny Novgorod April 8

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Start date:
The concert hall "Jupiter" (square October, 1)

On 8 April, the group "spleen" will perform in the concert hall "Jupiter".

Each song of this group – an event, every concert is a highly anticipated, each plate is a whole era, the onset of which is awaited by millions of fans. The legendary band will present their new album "in secret" and, of course, will perform top hits. New album "Secretly" simultaneously similar and a collection of Christmas lullabies for adults, and accidentally found the soundtrack to the forgotten children's film. The arrangement of the first song "balloon" is consistent with a familiar-sounding groups of recent years, but with each successive track takes the listener, as if on the same ball, farther to the fabulous simplicity to the suddenly emerging folk to shades of wind in the final, "Secretly", to the melodic and bright keyboards leading into "Atom", a sonorous and grandiose folded "Hymn" to the completely acoustic "the Magic violin", concluding narrative set to music the poem "Important thing" and returning again to the beginning with the instrumental to "balloon" with an emotional duet of keys and violin in contrast to the song version. All together develops into a remarkably solid and good story — an absolute feast of a young heart, even at the adult soul.