DIRE STRAITS Legacy Tour 11 марта 2021 года

DIRE STRAITS Legacy Tour 11 марта 2021 года

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Start date:
Crocus City Hall, international str., 20, Krasnogorsk, Moscow region

The immortal music of Dire Straits will once again be performed in the Crocus city Hall, performed by the original members of the group on 8 April 2020

Since Dire Straits played their last concert in the round "On Every Street" in 1992, mark Knopfler left the band and chose to pursue a solo career that was equally successful, but the world all the time longed for Dire Straits. So the idea of the Dire Straits Legacy project was to bring together the original members of Dire Straits, who made a recording that became an icon of rock music, and perform these songs at concerts around the world. In 2013 the original members of Dire Straits have come together: John Illsley (John Illsley), Phil Palmer (Phil Palmer), Alan Clark (Alan Clark), Mel Collins (Mel Collins) Jack Sonny (Jack Sonni), Danny Cummings (Danny Cummings) , Rick withers (Pick Withers) and Chris white (Chris White). The composition also includes Kavila Marco (Marco Caviglia), Primiano Debate (Primiano Dibase) and Steve Ferron (Steve Ferrone). On the first tour they returned to the music of Dire Straits to the stadiums of Europe and America to the great delight of the many millions of fans. But the veterans are not limited to the execution of old hits and in the Studio Steve Ferron in Los Angeles recorded the album "3 Chord Trick" of the 11 new songs, which according to critics, lives the spirit of the old Dire Straits, and that the group will present in the same composition at a concert in Moscow:

Alan Clark (Alan Clark), 1980 the first and main keyboardist for Dire Straits and musical Director of the group. Alan played all the albums and all the tours up to the collapse of Dire Straits, was co-producer of the album "On Every Street" along with mark Knopfler, and then became the musical Director for Tina Turner and was in the band Eric Clapton.

Jack Sonny (Jack Sonni), American guitarist and vocalist in Dire Straits from 1984, played on the cult album "Brothers In Arms" (1985) and on the world tour in support of it.

Mel Collins (Mel Collins), saxophonist, co-founder of the group King Crimson, Dire Straits in 1982, played on the album "Love Over Gold" and tour in support of it. He also played with the Rolling Stones, Camel, Eric Clapton, and Joe Cocker.

Phil Palmer (Phil Palmer), in Dire Straits since 1990, played on the album "On Every Street" and a world tour. He is one of the most sought after session guitarists who played on more than 450 albums, toured with such prominent artists as Eric Clapton, from the group which he has led the super drummer Steve Ferron.

Danny Cummings (Danny Cummings), the percussionist and vocalist in Dire Straits с1990, played on the album "On Every Street" and in the same round. After the band's breakup was a drummer in a band Brand nopflera and played with many stars such as George Michael, Tina Turner and Bryan Adams.

Trevor horn (Trevor Horn), musician, the legend, the winner of "Grammy", the founder of The Buggles, recorded in 1979 mega-hit "Video Killed The Radio Star", who wrote many rock anthems of the 80s, such as "Owner Of A Lonley Heart" for the band Yes and "Relax" - a number one hit for Frankie Goes To Hollywood, who had produced records by Tom Jones, cher, Tina Turner, Bryan ferry and Robbie Williams.

Marco Kavila (Marco Caviglia), Italian guitarist, is influenced by Brand nopflera created in 1988 a group of Solid Rock, performing the music of Dire Straits, 1990 and toured with the legendary Blues artist of Notting Hillbillies Steve Phillips, along with Primiano Debate (Primiano Dibase).

Connoisseurs of intelligent rock concert in Crocus city Hall waiting for a full immersion in the Golden era of hits of Dire Straits and new songs veterans of the legendary band!

Organizer: Razzle Wolf Concert Agency