Desember 12 accident in Moscow

Desember 12 accident in Moscow

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April 1, 2020, the group "Accident" will celebrate not anniversary, and God knows what. 36 and 6! 36 years and 6 months! Normal? Perfect!

36 and 6 is great, it's fun, it's very noisy. Why 36 and 6? Explain popularly: "Accident" was created Pelichem and Kortnevym in September 1983. Counted? In April will be just 36 years and 6 months ago. There is no place for jokes. So we will celebrate on April 1. On the stage of the GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT "Accident" will play the best songs written over the years (or successfully rated as "Generals pits"). There are, of course, the temptation to play a 36 and a half songs, but the musicians promised to hold back. What is exactly is great music, funny comments, unexpected duets. What will not be: trained animals. Although it depends...

Let's start at 20.00 (okay, at 20: 15), because it will be Wednesday. And when you're done!.. The temperature will definitely be higher than normal. So, on April 1 in "GlavClub" on Ordzhonikidze, 11 "Accident" with the program "36 and 6" Fine we'll hang out!

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