Max Korzh September 5 in St. Petersburg

Max Korzh September 5 in St. Petersburg

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MAX KORZH will be the artist who will perform at the Gazprom Arena in recital – just as it did to him Leningrad and Rammstein!

On 5 September, the Gazprom arena in St. Petersburg will host the young people who share songs by max Korzh. They come to the concert from all corners of our planet to once again become part of the living and unrepeatable motion, compared with whom no other concert, no event.

Max has managed to create around his work a whole community that includes the brightest and striving for more youth. He inspires the boys not to stand in one place, to find himself and his place in life, to support each other and not be afraid of difficulties.

In the summer of 2019, Max gathered the stadiums in Kiev (26 thousand people), Minsk (35 thousand spectators) and Moscow (35 thousand spectators). Now came the turn of St. Petersburg. Northern Capital awaits guests from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and other countries and dozens of Russian cities on the main stadium concert 2020. Moreover, foreign nationals to come to us has become even easier because now you can easily obtain an e-visa to Russia.

Each viewer will see a show that will surpass all previous ones, because from concert to concert Planck max becomes higher and higher. His team and the organizers will do everything to the audience brought a wave of awe special effects, sound, video, staging and – most importantly – songs that make you want to fly!

See you at #maxcharsperbyte!

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