NIGHTWISH June 7 in Moscow

NIGHTWISH June 7 in Moscow

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Don't miss your opportunity to dive into the magical world of epic and symphonic metal 27 may, after all, NIGHTWISH returned to Moscow with the presentation of the new album and best hits! Special guest on the NIGHTWISH concert will be a Finnish heavy metal band BEAST IN BLACK!

After recording 5 multi-faceted Studio albums, NIGHTWISH continue to conquer the musical peaks and set off for another tour in support of new album, release date of which is kept a strict secret. Moscow will be one of the first cities that will hear the long awaited album and brand new sound live!

Special guest of the tour NIGHTWISH will be a Finnish heavy metal band BEAST IN BLACK!, already shared the stage with such renowned bands as ACCEPT, W. A. S. P. and JUDAS PRIEST. The composition of the BEAST IN BLACK! is vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos (WARDRUM), bass player Mate Molnar (WISDOM), guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen (U. D. O.), drummer atte Palokangas (THUNDERSTONE) and of course leader Anton Kabanen.