Selar park. Avtokontsert group КняZz with full sound!

Selar park. Avtokontsert group КняZz with full sound!

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Playground Selar Park extends the format.

Playground Selar Park extends the format. This summer will focus concert life of the city. On July 18 will be the first in the history of the group “КняZz” avtokontsert with a full live sound.

Group КняZz for the first time in its history will play in the format of avtokontsert. You will enjoy live performance of your favorite songs in your own car. Agree, this most of us have not experienced, and therefore will definitely be something to remember. In a unique summer avtokontsert will feature songs "КняZz" and the hits "king and the Clown". Hurry to purchase tickets because the number of Parking spaces is limited!

For greater comfort of the audience on the site will have a bar and a food truck from Burger Planet. Ordering can be done directly from the car window. The audience VIP seats will be a separate bar, expanded menu and VIP service tent. The VIP ticket includes a welcome drink per passenger car.

1 ticket - 1 car. Get your friends, share the cost of Parking at all and take vengeance on all cylinders. Playground Selar Park will be divided into 4 zones with different price category of tickets. The VIP area includes a separate entrance on the ground after security, the opportunity to watch the concert from the first row, access to the VIP bar and 1 welcome drink per passenger car. Zones 1, 2 and 3 differ in the distance to the scene. The balance of vehicles within the zones will be regulated by the Parking attendants. The entrance to the site is open from 18:00, concert starts at 20:00. Address: Piskarevsky PR. 144АК. The landmark dealership Harley Davidson Arsenal.

Meet July 18 at Selar Park at the concert of the group “КняZz”. Warm up this summer drive, live sound and powerful energy to your favorite songs. Come, Park and enjoy full-length!

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