INVASION on the big screen!

INVASION on the big screen!

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Drive in Kinalata, Saint-Petersburg, Primorsky prospect, 80, building 1

OUR Radio in St. Petersburg will show all the INVASION! July 26, in avtokinoteatr Kinalata will be showing the concert film about the festival the INVASION to plunge into the atmosphere of Russia's largest rock festival.

Every year we pack tents, sleeping bags, merch favorite bands and go in the Big Zavidovo in the Tver region, to stamp down the field, look for Valera, to be free, to have fun and dance on the main adventure of the year - festival INVASION! 24, 25 and 26 July 2020 field of the festival was to meet a few hundred thousand people from across the country. But the pandemic coronavirus made their adjustments and we are all forced to stay at home and wait for next year. A whole year without your favourite festival is very long. Therefore, OUR Radio station in St. Petersburg on 26 July at 19:00 will arrange a screening of the concert film about the festival the INVASION at the drive-in Kinalata. Remember how it was!

You have tickets for the INVASION of 2020? Great! Send a request to a cinema hall through the form НАШЕСТВИЕPLUS on the festival website. Still no ticket for the festival, but really want to see the concert film? Listen live on fm 104.0 and win cars! And also you can buy tickets on the website
On July 26, we will be swept up in a wave of nostalgia and will spin a whirlpool of anticipation of soon meeting in 2021 on the field of the festival INVASION. In the meantime, we'll meet the very friendly company of like-minded people and with the presenters of Our Radio remember how every year we become happier and freer with your favorite music. Giving away prizes and gifts, and most importantly, view concert film about the festival INVASION!

Please note that to come to view a car. The capacity of each car according to the technical passport of the vehicle. Tickets are available on request through the program НАШЕСТВИЕPLUS, and you can win them live on Our Radio 104.0 fm. Gather your friends, get out your flags and come on July 26 in Kinalata!