VII Tsarskoye Selo festival "Day of Russian Glory"

VII Tsarskoye Selo festival "Day of Russian Glory"
The timing of the festival:
29 Jul 2018
The venue of the festival:
July 29, Pushkin, Akademicheskiy Prospekt, 20
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

29 July on the Day of the Navy of Russia will take place on 7th Tsarskoye Selo festival "Day of Russian Glory"!

The festival will take place at the walls of the famous Cathedral of St Theodore and St Theodore of the town. This area allows to expand the format of the festival: to organize a fair of folk arts and crafts, to present a colorful reenactment of the unification of different historical eras (knights and heroes Ice Battle, Cossacks, soldiers and sailors of world war I, etc.), to organize the work of many interactive areas for children and adults, additional to set the stage for performances of famous artists, poets and musicians!

Annually the festival is attended by popular folk and rock-and-roll performers, artists, entertainers, re-enactors, hosts festivals, dances, exhibitions, aerial combat, presentation and performances. For the youngest audience works theater scene, as well as numerous rides and stalls, competitions and master classes.On the main festival stage all day music, special guests of the "Day of Russian Glory-2018" group "KALINOV BRIDGE", "aftermath E", "angel of Heaven," "Different People", "Flight", the ensemble "belozer'e" and many others. The organizers of the festival in bright, emotional and entertaining way to tell the audience about the achievements of the great representatives of the Russian people, brought worldwide fame to his country!

Festival "DAY of RUSSIAN GLORY -2018":

July 29, Pushkin, Akademicheskiy Prospekt, 20.

Beginning at 12.00, free admission!


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