The portal the newly recognized "Ural Music Night" event of national significance

The portal the newly recognized "Ural Music Night" event of national significance
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A night of Music with national significance

The "national calendar of events": back on the Ural night music top 200 the best event projects of Russia and awarded him the status of a "National event 2019".

The Ural festival Music Night is not the first year in Ekaterinburg attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country and abroad. Free admission to 100 sites, 60 music genres, 2500 musicians, dozens of miles of wires and thousands of microphones will make this night for two hundred thousand music lovers even brighter and brighter. For the first time, one of the venues of the festival will be the stadium "Ekaterinburg-arena", where the festival will obedinen with a city-wide prom.

-The festival from year to year is gaining popularity beyond the Urals. We are pleased that Ural Music Night becomes a catalyst of tourist flow in Yekaterinburg, as we make this incredible project, because we think our city is the best on earth. And through music, hundreds of people come to us to fall in love with the capital of the Urals forever, - says the Executive Director of UMN Natalia Sidel'nyk Wita.

National calendar of events - Federal project on the best tourism event of Russia, created on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture in the framework of the Federal programme for the promotion of Russian tourist product "Visit Russia/Time to rest in Russia". Events deemed "national," get active information and PR support to the project throughout the year.


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