The Shine and Rustle. The new album of Kirill Komarov

The Shine and Rustle. The new album of Kirill Komarov
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"Life goes on, shimmering and stuff happens. Some of them become songs. Songs are collected in albums and flying in all directions. Now just such a moment.

My dear friends and family of the heart, the strangers, the growers, the stars of show business, divers, doctors, good physics, joyful gardeners, swift-footed couriers, Housewives, rapid donors, reckless matron of museums, students, and those who are already better again. I propose to your attention the album "the Shine and Rustle", which consisted of 11 songs, 11 and not very funny stories 11 movies that I hope you will be able to see inside his head. I wish you pleasant listening and I ask you to set your senses on the perception of a world where light and sound exist in a simple but delicate design. Welcome to "Glitter and Rustle" guys! "
Kirill Komarov

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