Presentation of the film "Abigail" at Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019!

Presentation of the film "Abigail" at Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019!
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On Saturday, may 18, on the festival stage pop-culture Comic Con Saint Petersburg will take place the presentation of the steampunk-fantasy film "Abigail"! The picture will represent the main character Gleb Bochkov, inimitable Artem Tkachenko and beautiful Olivier Sioux!

In the film the girl Abigail lives in the city, the boundaries of which closed many years ago because of the epidemic of the mysterious illness. Abby's father was one of the cases — and it was taken when she was six years old. Defying the authorities to track down the father, Abby discovers that her city is actually full of magic. And in her awakened extraordinary magical abilities...

The actors will show exclusive content for the film "Abigail" and answer the questions of the participants of the Convention. In addition, visitors will find a little surprise from the crew. Details on the presentation!

"Abigail" worldwide on August 22.

Comic Con will be held in Saint Petersburg Saint-Petersburg from 17 to 19 may 2019 at "Lenexpo", pavilion №7.


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