Make the festival of "Our people" June 1 together!

Make the festival of "Our people" June 1 together!

Dear guys - do good,it's cool!

On launched the sale of lots with autographs from your favorite rock stars and gifts from the festival!

To do this festival, we need to collect at least 50% of the amount claimed.All lots can be found online at the #сделаемфестиваль2019
The last day when you can support the festival by buying
19 may 2019

18.Vinyl from gr.Avia autographed 4500 RUB
19.Vinyl gr.Chaif "Let everything be as you want" autographs from the entire group of 5,000 rubles
20. "Crossed the threshold" album Black coffee was 4500 RUB
21. Vinyl gr.The zoo's "White Stripe" autographs Hrabanova,Tropillo 6300 RUB
22.Large lot for a fan from gr.Plan Lomonosova 8500 RUB
23. Vinyl gr.Picnic "Character" autogra E. Szklarska, J. Klushantsev, A. Saveliev 7500 RUB
24.Vinyl Black Dog Petersburg with the car(without original cover) signed V. Kuryleva, Uncle Misha, Yuri Shevchuk 7500 RUB
25.Vinyl autographed by Boris Grebenshikov Radio Africa 10 000
26.Vinyl Ensemble Aquarium autographed by Boris Grebenshchikov 10 000 RUB
27. Vinyl autographed by Boris Grebenshikov Radio Silence 15 000#


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