To "INVASION" opens retrospectiva photo exhibition!

To "INVASION" opens retrospectiva photo exhibition!
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On the "INVASION" 2019, which will be held from 18 to 21 July in the Big Zavidovo the Tver region, will unfold the jubilee exhibition of the collected over 20 years of existence of festival images. Among the photos - pictures taken during performances, musicians, and backstage footage shared by masters of photography Igor Vereshchagin, Sergey Rogozin, Yulia Komarova, Ivan Kobyakov and Eugene rudnicki.

Visit the retrospective exhibition, located in a special tent in the General area, anyone can. Interestingly, during the festival of the A0 format and will be autographs of the images on these artists. These pictures will be presented at a charity auction, the funds from which the organizers will transfer in favor of "Konakovo specialized orphanage for children with organic lesions of the Central nervous system with mental disorders". Auction starts on July 19 at 12.00 on a crowdfunding and will last until 1 August. There you can purchase other photos, but in a smaller format.

The idea was supported by one of the headliners of the "INVASION" 2019, Garik Sukachev. To attract attention to the project, the artist has provided as an exhibit, your custom-bike "Hobo" (eng. - "Tramp"), made on the basis of motorcycle Harley-Davidson Softail Slim authorized dealership of the legendary American brand in Novosibirsk. Viewers will be able to do with exclusive photos and to see photos of Gary with the filming of "what in me."

Information about the organizer of the action, the terms of auction, time, place and procedure for obtaining the auction works will be available from July 19 on the link


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