Maksim Svoboda – the musical headliner big geek festival "Gicon"

Maksim Svoboda – the musical headliner big geek festival "Gicon"
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Original band from Vladivostok. The founder and leader of group Maxim Anisimov is a singer, musician and finalist of the first season of the show "Songs" on TNT.

At the festival "move fast", "trade air cigarettes", "we will not interfere and interrupt."
For real fans of Maxim of Freedom, we will prepare a few surprises.
But about them later, as well as about other interesting musicians of our
the geek line-up!
Carefully follow the news in our communities and listen to music free.

Our partners: shopping center "Raduga Park", BY (BABA-YAGA), VKontakte, tourist network VISTA, PROТАНЦЫ, anime shop "Akiba", radio Record, Typical Ekaterinburg, Akabu, OTV, Uralsteel.

August 31, shopping center "Raduga Park".
Start at 12:00

I'll see you on the big geek-fest!


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