Andrew Scott coming Comic Con Russia 2019! "Miss me?"

Andrew Scott coming Comic Con Russia 2019! "Miss me?"
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Tanya Ash // MESIKA

Andrew Scott (Andrew Scott) will be a special guest of the sixth festival of pop culture Comic Con Russia, held in Moscow exhibition center "Crocus Expo" from 3 to 6 October 2019! On 5 and 6 October, the actor will perform on stage of the Convention, take part in photo shoots and give autographs to fans.

The enormous popularity of Scott brought the role of the brilliant Jim Moriarty— intellectual enemy of the detective Sherlock Holmes in the British television series BBC "Sherlock". Among other major works of the actor — "Victor Frankenstein" with James McAvoy, the film about James bond "007: Spectrum"and historical series "Empty crown".

In 2019 Scott played in the British Comedy television series "Trash" (Fleabag), and also performed the main role in the episode "Fragments" (Smithereens) the fifth season of the fantastic anthology "Black mirror". His work was highly appreciated by both the critics and the audience. In 2020 in wide release will be released war drama "1917", in which Scott co-starred with Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Madden.

Comic Con Russia will take place in Moscow for the sixth time on 3 and 6 October in "Crocus Expo" pavilion №1. The festival will be held the fourteenth annual exhibition of interactive entertainment "IgroMir."


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