New season at the ROCK FM 95,2

New season at the ROCK FM 95,2
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Radio ROCK FM 95,2 kicked off the new season!

  • For fans of the movie – project "ROCK-N-MOVIE", where attendees will learn all details about the filming and cast of rockers: why is Iggy Pop in one of the films starred in women's clothes, and Lars Von Trier boxes was taking medication, taking in his film the legendary björk, and more!
  • Speaking of moods: from the program "ROCK BRAIN" , students will learn one of the rockers biggest crown on his head! Who refuses to go on stage until I get a casserole, one aircraft needs to be exclusively red, and one of the rockers asks a separate dressing room with protection for their dogs.
  • It is often the "star disease" leads to the disintegration of groups. About this program "RHAPSODY of DISINTEGRATION". Quarrels, bad habits and money are not destroyed by one legendary group. It will tell you in great detail.
  • In the life of every rock hero faces a moment of remorse for a violent life. As a rule, the dark sides are revealed in books and biographies. About this program "BIBLIO-ROCK" - quote from the main rock-bestsellers, right from bookshelves to broadcast ROCK FM. Just the facts: how Ozzy Osbourne was stealing televisions; MUSE will tell you why Dave Grohl blew off the roof when he heard the bar awfully has covered a song FOO FIGHTERS; why Axl rose was first a fan of the band NIRVANA, and then hated her more of a herring with milk...

All this in the new season on ROCK FM 95,2.


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