ЭлектропартиZаны and friends presented the video "World without war"

ЭлектропартиZаны and friends presented the video "World without war"
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antiarmy:: ЭлектропартиZаны and friends presented the video "World without war".

We all are living through another historical shock of how fragile our world is. What proof do we need that we never forgot about it?

When will the Great Quarantine - not in a hurry to start living under the old scheme. Humanity has the ability to slow down your crazy running and move away from the brink. The ability to reboot the original with the hustle and bustle, the long drawn-out neck loop.

To understand - why we are here and now in this world. To destroy the world, killing each other, or to help each other survive?

After all, the war has not stopped, stopped only news about them - and another chance at the world can not be!

"World without war"

The authors of the song: Vadim Kurylev / Konstantin Arbenin / Kirill Komarov

Choir of antiarmy:

Vadim Kurylev Konstantin Arbenin, Dmitry Shagin, Dmitry Sokol, Vasily K., Lech Nikonov, Dmitry Rishko Casper, Andrew Grechanik, Dmitry Panov, Ermen Anti Stas Zhigulin, Lena Te and Sophia nos, soundtrack only

The combined orchestra of antiarmy:

Vadim Kurylev / Denis Bucci / Christina Buzhinsky / Sergey Burenkov - ЭлектропартиZаны

Ivan Vasiliev - trumpet
Lena Te - cello
Sergey Starodubtsev - mandolin
Casper Dmitry Rishko - violin
"Uncle Misha" Chernov - saxophone soprano
Boris Plotnikov - harmonica, soundtrack only
Alexey Zubarev - lead guitar, soundtrack only

People in the City - Vadim Kurylev

Operators: Vladimir Tikhomirov, Pavel Chizhov, Lena Broom
The Director of the scenes in Vyborg: Vladimir Rozin
Film editor: Vladimir Rozin

Sound recording and mastering: Mr Nosyrev, St. Petersburg label
Producer: Anastasia Mursic

Project Manager: Elena Belyanina


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