New video from the band Das Kuhn

New video from the band Das Kuhn

Meet the new live Birds from the group of Das Kuhn.

DAS KUHN - rock band, was founded in 2011 by former members of the Russian Finnish rock band CYANIDE and the famous Finnish producer Janne Saksa (Korpiklaani etc.).

The group included: Peter Coon is the author of music and lyrics, and performer of solo songs which were in Finnish and Scandinavian rock charts (Rumba music charts etc), drums: Willie sawchuk, bass: Ollie Lozhkinand guitarist Fedor Astashov.

The band plays in the style of NEO-GLAM ROCK. The first album under the title Poet of the fallen leaves was released in autumn 2015. In the winter of 2018 for Finnish label new album Burning Bridges.

The band's songs sound like on FM radio stations in Russia and Europe. The group collaborated with Erkki Seppanen (rock band Kursk), Atta, Blum (manager of Hurriganus, Leningrad Cowboys, Hanoi Rocks, Per Gunt).


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