Ural Music Camp will continue to train domestic hit makers

Ural Music Camp will continue to train domestic hit makers
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First international network-camp for professional musicians and music managers opens a new set of participants. From 15 to 21 June in the camp will receive training in three areas: music group, electronic music/ sound-producing and music business. Applications will be accepted until may 6.

Second time 50 musicians from across the country will spend 6 days in a rural lab, where you will learn to create, play and promote a commercially successful music for the formation and development of professional community of independent musicians. In addition to music, participants will learn about the real experience of supporting the creative economy from the experts in this field. The project is supported by the Foundation. Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia (Moscow) and consulates General of Germany in Yekaterinburg.

Under the leadership of the Russian and European experts of the Ural participants of the Music Camp will write the music and lyrics, rehearse and record brand new tracks to work on brand and strategy development team. The best students will go to a week-long tour on cities of Russia, which will end in Ekaterinburg with a performance on one of the Central venues Ural Music Night on June 28.

- We already have last year's experience. Ural winter and summer Music Camp in 2018 showed incredible results. All graduates are continuing to actively develop and use the skills and connections obtained during the project. We and our foreign colleagues follow their creativity, support and worry for the future. We believe that the new camp will continue to create invisible professional contacts among the world music community, - adds Natalia shmelkova, project coordinator.

To apply for participation on the official website of the project uralmusiccamp.ru. All workshops main program free. Participants pay 10 000 rubles for food and accommodation and get themselves to the venue of the camp.

For those who cannot participate in the core program from April to July outdoor lecture hall of Ural Music Camp. Every Thursday in the shop "Respublika" shopping center "Big" you can hear the experts of the regional, Federal and international importance, which tell about the specifics of the music industry and peculiarities of the creative process.


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