"Wild Mint" is three days of music, love and freedom!

"Wild Mint" is three days of music, love and freedom!
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"Wild Mint" is three days of music, love and freedom

At the festival include Primal Scream, "Aquarium", "Mumiy Troll", Dolphin, Faithless DJ Set, Basta, Monetochka, Narimono Theophanes, Dubioza Kolektiv, The Hatters, "Alliance", Alai Oli, "Komsomolsk", Shortparis, The Great Machine, "kachevniki", DaKooka, James Leg, Sirotkin, Anna Together and many others!

100 concerts in 3 days: the "Wild Mint" sounds any music, except bad! Watch for announcements in the official community festival "wild Mint".

Plan your legendary summer now!

28, 29, 30 June 2019, Tula oblast, S. Bonario (140 km from Moscow).


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