Services for asphalting of the territories in St. Petersburg and region

Services for asphalting of the territories in St. Petersburg and region

Any problems associated with the construction of roads, the company Attika solve efficiently and in a timely manner. This may be very different scope of works laying of trunk to the tile on his plot.

Interurban trail - is a complex structure that requires careful preparation. Road construction starts with the geodetic positioning of the project to the location and production of bulk earthworks, a multilayer substrate is compacted and compacted, are impregnated with bitumen emulsion. Set side stone guards, and only then with several layers of asphalt pavement. And change line "turn-key" is applied to road markings, install road signs, and the landscaping of the adjacent territory.

On city streets is also performed asphalt - SPb orders as laying new road surfaces and repair holes after winter. Also perform the paving areas of Parking lots, warehouses, the enterprises of different profile.

A completely different work - paving, paving slabs, completely changes the view of the streets. This is a manual job which requires attention, but which provides a guarantee for long-term preservation and beauty of the sidewalks of the city.

Work for individual customers

Compared to the size of orders in landscaping of private developers looks modest, but the results are impressive. Even if you have to asphalt the area of the small square, to make the landscaping areas measuring just a few acres, the work will be done for a personal project, efficiently and accurately.

Technical equipment

Company Attika guarantees the reasonable price of sold works. This is due to the fact that the fleet has all the necessary specialized machinery and equipment for preparatory works and asphalting of different sizes from the continuous laying of a broad canvas of the motorway to the small rollers, which work in the streets and narrow openings. My own technique is high quality: all the equipment is in perfect condition.

The materials which are used for road construction, have the quality certificate. The previous coating is removed and processed into crumbs, which is used for dumping tracks in the parks. All work is performed in an extremely short time without compromising quality.

Anyone who calls for the execution of road works is provided as a free service - cost estimates for what the survey leaves the specialist.

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