Aluminum rod GOST 21488 97

Aluminum rod GOST 21488 97

A rod of aluminium is a product of metal with a circular cross-section. This product is a solid profile of aluminum. In most cases, the production of aluminium circle is made of alloy. A variety of conventional products and high tensile strength.

Aluminum circle features high strength, so it can be used when installing concrete structures. This solution allows to reduce the total weight of the structure, while retaining the same strength of the frame, as in the case with the use of steel. Another plus – the opportunity to reduce the load on the Foundation in the construction of high-rise facility, which has a positive effect on the operational life of the building.

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Bars can have dimensional and random length, as well as implemented bays. The length of the rod depends on the diameter of the circle:

  • length from 1 to 6 m corresponds to the diameter of 80-110 mm;
  • if the diameter exceeds 110 mm, the rod length can reach from 0.5 to 4 meters.

Today aluminum rod , with strong demand due to the following advantages:

  • light weight;
  • ease of machining;
  • long service life;
  • high resistance to the development of corrosion processes;
  • no problems with sudden temperature fluctuations and other external influences;
  • high ductility and conductivity.

Although aluminum does not belong to the category of the most durable materials, the use of alloying and creating alloys with other metals allows to achieve the desired performance.

Long service life aluminum rod contributes to its extensive use in different industries. In order to choose the optimal variant of the circle it is very important to take into account such nuances:

  • 1.Decide in advance in what order to apply the rod. The material is widely used in shipbuilding, engineering, construction and other fields.
  • 2.The cross-sectional diameter.
  • 3.The required strength characteristics.
  • 4.Alloy. From his choice depends on the lifetime and performance of the material.
  • 5.Precision fabrication.

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