Jennifer Haben (Beyond the Black) told about music in her playlist, streams and new music

Jennifer Haben (Beyond the Black) told about music in  her playlist, streams and new music

You have already released the second single from the new album. Do you plan to share any other new things with fans before the release of the album?

JH: Yes! J We will release another single of the album very soon. And we also have a “save-to-unlock”-campaign running that you already can listen to 30 seconds of it. Just check our Instagram Bio-Link, it will lead you to it! 

What brought you to the world of music?

JH: In general, I’d say that there was never a world without music for me. Every one of my family can play one or more instruments and my mom is also a good singer. She was the first one that sang with me. She discovered my talent and began to support everything I wanted to do very early. Both of my parents supported everything my older brother and I were interested in. This is definitely the main reason, why I’m at the point that I am right now.

Are you for consistency in creativity or do you think that the style of a musician should change over time?

JH: I think: All things optional, nothing is a must. You should always follow your heart and if you feel comfortable with what you do right now, you should do it and if you feel like changing would represent you more now, you should do this. I believe, that the Fans will appreciate it, when they can feel this is something that you needed, even if it’s not what they’ve expected or wanted. Our sound, for example, changed a bit in this new album cause we really felt like doing that and we’re super happy with the result and hope the fans will follow us on this journey.

What music do you listen to during quarantine?

JH: A lot of positive stuff, to keep my mind positive as well. I think, that this is something that is super important right now. As a huge Disney fan, this is definitely playlist nr. 1.:D

How has the world situation in connection with Covid-19 changed your life?

JH: I’m a lot more at home, of course :D This also allows me to get something like a “routine at home” what I can feel as a super positive thing in many ways. But of course.. when I think about live-shows, this is something really sad, even if we all try to stay connected with our fans and do streaming-concerts on our Social Media Channels to still entertain the people at home. We keep our fingers crossed that all of this is getting back to normal as soon as possible.