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Due to release of the new album "Involution" by Spanish industrial band Mind Driller, Mesmika portal spoke with the lead singer Estefania and found out who are the authors of the lyrics in the new album, which one of the group members love Arabic culture, and the group's attitude to electronic music style

Каждый год Доброфест показывает добропиплам новые музыкальными открытия В 2018 добропиплы познакомились с The Hives - шведской рок-группой. Mesmika пообщалась с вокалистом Howlin' Pelle Almqvist и гитаристом Nicholaus Arson до их выступления на Доброфесте.

Рокко Рамирез - самый тяжелый австрийский диджей во всем мире. В конце 2018 года был выпущен его альбом под названием "No World Order". Альбом представляет собой лирико-историческую конфронтацию с войной, потерями и разрушениями, встроенную в жесткие бомбические звуки. Он всегда желанный гость в разных странах, включая даже Китай. Месмика пообщалась с Рокко на австрийском фестивале FM4 Frequency после его ночного выступления и узнали о его взглядах на диджейство, татуировки и проект Wildstyle & Tattoo Project.

Faul & Wad return to Spinnin’ for their second release of the year, following up previous track ‘Wild Love’ with ‘Tokyo’ featuring fresh talent Vertue, providing their trademark uplifting sound once again - a perfect tonic for the cold winter months. Mesmika talked to the duo and learnt how often they fight because of music, why they chose Tokyo for their new track and if they can speak Japanese. 

Internet sensation Lovely Laura and prolific Ibiza DJ Ben Santiago have quickly risen to be one of dance music’s most revered and dynamic duos in the industry. With residencies under their belt for some of the biggest clubbing brands, and streams in the millions for their signature fusion of rich, energy driven grooves and addictive saxophone, the pair’s shared talents have proven to be a compelling combination.

Veteran electronic producer Miguel López Mora combines with Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal to form new band

D I G I T A L 2 1 + S T E F A N O L S D A L, the new project of Miguel López Mora (Digital 21) and Stefan Olsdal (Placebo) are Already pleased to announce news of their debut album ‘Inside’. On Ocrober, 11 in St.-Peterburg and October, 12 in Moscow they have their first shows in Russia. Mesmika asked some questions before their debut as D I G I T A L 2 1 + S T E F A N O L S D A L.

EJ is the exclusive and mysterious resident DJ for the global entertainment brand and race championship, Formula E, as well as one of the freshest talents on Gareth Emery’s record label Garuda.

Luca, a 23-year-old DJ hails from Stuttgart, Germany. After being behind the curtains as a music producer for over four years, Luca decided to give it a shot and stepped out of the background with huge success. 

Ensiferum is a Finnish folk metal band from Helsinki playing melodic folk metal. They have played at Wacken Open Air many times and this year Sami Hinkka. bass player, shared with feeling of happiness, meaning of Wacken and the most remarkable gig.

Kyle Falconer released video for 2nd single ‘Family Tree’, to coincide with Fathers Day and aptly documents footage following Kyle and his young family around as they holiday in Thailand. Mesmika asked Kyle about the cover of new album, recording process and big Britain tour.

Echo Machine is a new-wave pop group from Dundee in Scotland. Formed in early 2018, their debut single "St Elmo" was released on Friday May 4th. Mesmika asked the band what a "new-wave" mean, if they know any Russina pop bands and who are Echo Machine's fans.

The Mirror Trap played their first solo concert in Russia on the 1st of June in 2016. A year after that, Mesmika talked with the band about influence, support for new bands and weird gifts and if it is important to be in the right place at the right time.

On June 11th in Moscow performed a gig Archive, while touring in support of their latest studio album "The False Foundation". Mesmika spoke with the Darius Keeler, one of founders and leaders of the band.

At Wacken Open Air MESMIKA did an interview with René Berthiaume (guitar, keyboards, clean vocals) from Equilibrium. Equilibrium is a German folk metal band combining elements of folk music, black metal and symphonic metal with various other influences.

Beyond the Black is a young band but during the gig of Beyond the Black at the Wacken Open Air festival we could make sure that the band has a big army of fans. After it MESMIKA spoke with Jennifer Haben, lead vocalist of the band.

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