Tarakany! - May 32 (Single, 2020)
The song "May 32" was inspired by the most popular film "The Same Munchausen"
Temiko 1 day ago
Radio JAZZ 89.1 FM opens the most romantic skating rink in the city in the Hermitage Garden
It's time to get your favorite skates from the mezzanine
Temiko 2 days ago
The composition "PLANE" by guitarist and virtuoso Alexander Gekko
Today, the fact that traveling during a pandemic is extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, finally becomes a myth
Temiko 2 days ago
"We wanted to shoot a video, but the film turned out": Bi-2 presented the God of the Damned
On November 25, the premiere of the single and the video "Damn it" took place
Temiko 3 days ago
The jury of the Russian music show presents: VKontakte, Moscow Music Week, Colta and Tele-Club
New / Open Showcase Festival introduced the second part of the festival experts and opened access to the full course of online lectures
Temiko 3 days ago
How can young music entrepreneurs and concert organizers get support?
You can apply for music business support for another week
Temiko 5 days ago
Classmates open the virtual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rock is OK: Odnoklassniki open a virtual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in honor of the release of the new AC / DC album
TanyaAsh 5 days ago
Premiere of the documentary TSVETAEVA.OPEN
Premiere of the documentary TSVETAEVA.OPEN
kat 6 days ago
Premiere of the video "This is life" from the singer AMARIA
On November 17, on the official YouTube channel AMARIA, the premiere of the video "This is Life"
Temiko 8 days ago
Dialogue with the administration: how to quickly coordinate changes in the city's infrastructure?
The cycle of online lectures for representatives of the music business continues
Temiko 8 days ago