8 years create a content, now i making photos
The photographer is an amateur. I love extreme sports, travel, attend concerts, festivals and lead an active lifestyle. And I try to be with a camera
My name is Ian and I'm a very versatile creative person. By education I am a Director of theatrical performances, studied also the sound engineer and graduated from music school, violin class for quite a long time sang in the choir. More than 10 years engaged in the organization and holding of celebrations: weddings, corporate parties, children's animation.
By the nature of its activities had to write scripts for events, and even compose poetry.
2016 was in a music magazine as a Junior journalist. I liked the feeling of the music "inside" - not only to listen but also to write reviews on albums, articles on concerts, interviewing musicians, and do to this day.
Music is my air, my passion and my real life.
Believe that love and rock and roll will save the world.
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An economist by training, photographer in my soul and reality. Photography began with "soap" sometime in 2009, and 2015 are photos of concerts, plays, festivals, birthdays and other events. Look at old photos and think: "Cool, how could I shoot?" Photo now and at the beginning of the passion as the day and night! He studied photography by myself and courses. When you go somewhere without a camera, save the phone, because hands reach to capture different interesting. There are several Hobbies, but photography is the main one. When friends and acquaintances ask to photograph them, and then creatively try to approach the matter, not just click the button.
The journalist, known among themselves as would-be journalist. Contrary to the experience of the wise colleagues never go to concerts with a notebook and then write more than describe. The addict and the lyrics. When the club asked: "Psst, is there anything to write?", - looking at me strangely. I love to interview, but never came up with a question which could beat. Ask your question star for 500 bucks
A self-taught photographer. I was interested in photography as a child, then photographed friends and animals. At some point came the realization that I want more of just a hobby. And I was advised to try themselves in the concert photos. First time hitting as a photographer to the concert, I realized to live without these wild emotions I'll never want.
Photographer from Saint-Petersburg. Digital photography doing since 2010, starting in 2017 actively became interested in reportage and concert photography. In recent years purchased substantial experience of shooting by domestic and foreign artists. Are constantly in the process of finding new and learning. Want to learn something – teach it other, conduct master classes.
Looking for yourself in other areas of photography and visual arts. Practice Studio and fashion photography. Participate and organize creative shooting. Love to work in team of professionals, working with people passionate about love, priceless experience and pleasure. Expand its geographical presence, the altars of St. Petersburg. Always for any kipish except hunger )
Concert and theatre photographer, shooting any motion, report everything to me.
Drink the blood of freshmen and dearly love long-haired guitarists.
Credo - internal backstage
Writing that comes with the notebook.
To convey emotions with a concert, show or any other event, in printed form — it is difficult, but it seems pretty exciting.
In addition to journalism enjoys motorcycle riding and a little photography.
Movie buff, music lover and a fan of foreign languages. The main love in photography is concert photography. When shooting, always aim to capture the energy of musicians and audience. In addition to concerts I like to shoot travel. Inspired by all that is happening around me.
Simple, fun and friendly guy.
Photography was carried away except when the film had nothing. Then there was a big break in photography. Came back and immediately became immersed in the concert photo with the head. As he around the scene has been in all roles, try to take photos as I would like myself to see if I was on stage) I Try to see beauty everywhere!
Constantly amaze people with what you write on the shows.

Fix the most interesting moments for future articles and reports. For many years the texts are in one foot and break up with them not going. Have the appropriate specialized education. Because texts for me is a profession and a hobby. And concert, the journalist - is the best combination of work and leisure.

Also fond of travelling, photography, dancing and needlework. Any trip to new places usually travel with a camera and a notebook: capturing interesting developments in letters and pictures. Always open for new challenges. Between sitting at home in front of the series and some golovolomki visit I will definitely choose the latter.
Love photography all my adult life, seriously start to deal with it 4 years ago. A self-taught education in art.

I try to convey through pictures what I feel; the concerts are always trying to shoot how the music sounds to me.

Basically shoot with the camera of initial level of 2011 production and strongly convinced that good images are obtained with those tools with which you are comfortable.

I love to experience new positive emotions, so crazy about travelling, watching movies and meet new people from all parts of the world.
The photographer is an introvert. I love shooting concerts, and now do not know what to do with hands if came without a camera. I photograph love this job for the opportunity to capture the emotion and mood of a person. Constantly trying to evolve and try new things.
Photographing concerts in his hometown did not succeed because of their absence, so I moved to SPb. Trying to squeeze the most out of the equipment and yourself, miss concerts without a camera.
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