Combichrist made on 24 November in Saint-Petersburg

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Music Combichrist is born somewhere where overloaded with electronics and industrial noise, samples and bits merge into the perfect backdrop for a surreal neon dance floors. Here sets the tone for the atmosphere of urban paranoid techno, heavily involved not for the aggressive eroticism in the style of Rammstein or Marilyn Manson, not the existential unyieldingness of old school industrial.
And let history Combichrist started by the standards of music recently, a fair sense of style and the ability to gather all the best from their quite varied sources of inspiration allowed the masters of power electronics under the charismatic leadership of Andy Laplegua become one of the brightest representatives of guitar techno-EVM.
In the end, every concert of Combichrist is transformed into action, a must visit for everyone who is familiar with the aesthetics of heavy and aggressive electronics, richly flavored guitar power.
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