Sergey Lazarev on February, 17 in Smolensk

Sergey Lazarev on February, 17 in Smolensk
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KDTs Provincial, Smolensk

One of the brightest and most talented performers in modern pop music Sergey Lazarev will come to Smolensk with a dizzying show "N-tour", dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the artist!

Sergey Lazarev for many years among the five most touring artists of our country, it is a spectacular show not leave anyone indifferent spectator, and music television channels each year's nominated shows Lazarev on the major country music awards in the category "Best live show". This time, Sergey will again surprise the audience with a memorable performance and your favorite songs.

Lazarev high – quality pop music, live sound, a great show and incredible energy!

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