EORSI March 15 in Smolensk

EORSI March 15 in Smolensk
Start date:
And Club, St. Kirov, 29Д

Why not take the group "Eorsi" is the ability to throw shit on the fan, parallel to bringing the match to the valve repatriating the characters that inhabit our galaxy! And if this summer such occasions resulted in joint performances with the world's legends "Rise Against", the refusal from participation in the festival "Invasion" and a catchy video for the song "God, King bury," as well as the subsequent hacking of the YouTube channel of the group, in January 2019, the Internet will break with their new album with a title that just begs to be pronounced with the accents in the right places - #REPUTIATED

Local theme songs to the brink of a foul, energetic sound and charismatic husky vocals that still need to tighten the screws in the coffin of the King, when you heart and soul worried about what is happening at your house?

By the way, the old and the eternal are also included in the program...