Concert of the PORNOFILM group on April 5 in Smolensk

Concert of the PORNOFILM group on April 5 in Smolensk
Start date:
A-Club, st. Kirov, 29D, Smolensk
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is not required

5 April in A club, group PORN movies play a big gala concert on the occasion of its 10th anniversary during the jubilee tour.

PORN is a real phenomenon on the Russian rock stage. Over the 3 years of the garages and the basement of the provincial clubs these guys managed to make an incredible jump. Today PORN is regularly flashed on all the major concert venues in the country. And this success is the result of real people's love and acceptance of tens of thousands of people. In the fall of 2017 released album, "between despair and hope." According to a wide number of influential publications, and numerous audience, this album, probably the best rock album in Russia over the past few years. It is worth noting that this album is PORN recorded on its own with almost zero budget at its rehearsal in Dubna near Moscow. However, the main achievement of the musicians believe the successful implementation of the charity project. In 2017, together with their listeners, the students collected almost one million rubles for the Foundation's fight against leukemia.

Anniversary show is not only the most memorable and truly unique performance! Sea drive, the biggest circle-pits, stagediving and of course the best song in 10 years!
Come and you congratulate the group PORN in Smolensk!
We invite you not only to see with your own eyes the story of their success, but to be a part of it!