B-2 29 September in Smolensk

B-2 29 September in Smolensk
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DS Anniversary, Smolensk

September 29 group b-2 will perform in SC "Anniversary" with a new program NewBest. The concert will feature new hits and b-2 from album "event Horizon", and all the major songs of the band – greatest hits b-2 who love and know millions. Sure, the audience will be happy to show it at concerts and choral singing in a thousand voices has long been an integral part of all interventions b-2. Here this will create all conditions: a new approach to the space of the room in which the scene will be blurred, each spectator will himself be involved in the show, you will become an integral and very important part.

To measure the level of emotions that overwhelm both the audience and musicians on stage, it is impossible – and not necessary! It is better not to measure and to see, hear and feel yourself on 29 September at the concert of Bi-2 with the program NewBest!