Paddy and the Rats March 28 in Moscow

Paddy and the Rats March 28 in Moscow
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Hungarian pirates Paddy and the Rats once again will take on Board Moscow!

Naughty punk pub rockers Paddy and the Rats released their most powerful album, "Riot City Outlaws" (2017) on Napalm Records, and now ready to burn the Napalm in front of you on stage, that you in between trips to the bar began to dance under the Irish and Celtic tunes, played, among other things, the violin, fiddle, whistle, bagpipes, banjo, accordion and the mandolin! Before such a playful mix of polka, Gypsy music and folk-rock will not withstand even the leprechauns and the "Black Sails" will dance a jig with a harsh pirate, even if he is even one-legged!

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