Online Andrea Bocelli concert

Online Andrea Bocelli concert
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Andrea Bocelli will perform in an empty Milan Cathedral on Easter Sunday

Andrea Bocelli, tenor-a superstar, will give Easter concert of the famous Duomo in Milan. Like almost any other Church in the world, benches are empty, and Bocelli will be accompanied by organist Emanuele Vianelli. The concert will be streamed live YouTube channel Bocelli Sunday at 20:00 Moscow time.

Many other artists have announced a concert broadcast as soon as the concert venue was closed due to the spread of the coronavirus, but a live concert Bocelli from empty Duomo, which is usually full during Easter mass, will be one of the most striking examples of how the Pandemic has changed the social life.

Stream will not be the first attempt of the Italian tenor to help during the crisis of coronavirus. Italy suffered greatly from the pandemic, and the Fund Bocelli were collected through GoFundMe more than $ 140,000 to help the hospitals to purchase materials. He will also take part in a huge event organized by Global Citizen "One world: together at home" on April 18.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Bocelli has expressed hope that the Easter concert, which will consist mainly of spiritual songs such as "Ave Maria", will provide some solace to the audience, regardless of their religion.