BEHEMOTH May 21 in Moscow

BEHEMOTH May 21 in Moscow

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One of the most famous European metal bands of our time - the BEHEMOTH, a massive return to the scene of the Russian clubs!

Perhaps, among people who are even slightly interested in contemporary music, regardless of genre preferences, are unlikely to be those who have not heard of this name. For nearly 30 years career, the Quartet from guasdualito has walked a thorny path from obscurity to the top of the world music Olympus.
Show Behemoth is not just a concert, but a large-scale theatrical performance with sets, special effects and pyrotechnics. Mesmerizing and magnificent performance, which does not let the viewer from the first to the last note. Behemoth definitely have a unique style in everything and create around themselves their own world. A nightmare world filled with dark forces and magic of ancient rituals, a world where the truth is learned through overcoming fears and doubts.