LASCALA September 6 in St. Petersburg

LASCALA September 6 in St. Petersburg

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LASCALA with the program "More than phonics"

6 Sep major Latin-rock / country band LASCALA - will play a big acoustic concert in the St. Petersburg Live Music Akakao Club.

Reasons for the meeting just two. First, the birthday group, which LASCALA this time will celebrate not only in Moscow but also in St. Petersburg. Second, the presentation of acoustic album, which will include both known and loved by fans the tracks, but in an unexpected dance arrangement, and several new products. So dance this spring the songs LASCALA will not only residents of the two capitals, but also the whole country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Acoustic band concerts is always an unexpected mix of flamenco passion and deep personal experiences, through which, together with the lyrical heroine lyrics Ani green are everyone who has appeared this evening in the hall. But there is no reason to be sad, when the body dances, and at the head of the spring.

September 6, Akakao Live Music Club. "More than phonics," more than birthday. Record, remember and come to sing along, to dance to exhaustion, and to feel the spring by every cell of your skin.

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