Preparing for the INVASION of 2019: things less comfort - more!

Preparing for the INVASION of 2019: things less comfort - more!
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MESIKA // Invasion 2016

19, 20 and 21 July in the Big Zavidovo the Tver region there will be an anniversary festival of the INVASION, which celebrates 2019 its 20th anniversary. Good music, the most ambitious line-up, summer and the sun - these ingredients will be a pleasant decoration of the Main adventure of the year!

In addition, the organizers did not forget to take care about the convenience and comfort of guests, every year improving the infrastructure and living conditions of the guests of the festival. In 2019 on the INVASION offers two tented accommodation with round the clock check-in.

No need for long and tedious training camp, you don't need to carry a lot of things: all you need is right on the festival. Find tent accommodation will be very simple. Each of them has received the name in honor of one of the legendary rock clubs: "Moscow rock laboratory" turned into a hotel "Moscow", "Sverdlovsk rock club" - in "Sverdlovsk", respectively.

The most spacious rooms and best location in relation to the Main stage of the festival is the hotel "Moscow" (for holders of VIP tickets and FAN). Tent hotel consists of spacious camping tents for the two-triple accommodation. Provides everything you need, inflatable mattresses, inflatable sleeping bags and pillows, camping furniture (table and chairs), toiletries and other nice bonuses.

In the tent hotel "Sverdlovsk" will be ready for occupancy quadruple double layer tent (240х205х120 cm), equipped with 4 sleeping bags and travel mats. For comfortable stay of the guests of the festival on the territory of the towns, where there are hotels, there are pay showers, cleaned of debris.

All the details are on the website of the festival INVASION This year tickets "Input", "FAN" and "VIP" name, and when buying you must specify the name of the person who will go to the festival ticket, email and phone.

The list of participants of the "INVASION-2019" looks like this: DDT, Mumiy Troll, Bi-2, Aquarium, Garik Sukachev, Alisa, Splin, Vyacheslav Butusov, picnic, Night Snipers, Chizh & Co, Bravo, Vadim Samoilov, the Pilot, naive, Gorshenev, Surganova and orchestra, Gleb Samoilov & The MATRIXX with a Symphony orchestra, Dolphin, Lumen, Louna, 25/17, Kalinov most, The HATTERS, Sergey Bobunets, Alexander F. Sklyar and "VA-Bank", Animal Jazz, Narimono Theophanes, Anacondaz, Murakami, F. P. G, Plan Lomonosova, MORDOR, team contract, Epidemic, Bricks, Clay, Gromyko, Nerves, Goodtimes, Troll Gnet El, [AMATORY], Jane Air, angel of Heaven, JACK ACTION, about! the Mongolian Shuudan, ##### (5 DIEZ), Fashion, Dергать!, Casual, Gran-Kurazh, Port (812), LASCALA, STIGMATA, 7000$, 7РАСА, I. F. K., Catharsis, Voice Omeriki, Clockwork Times, Boating, Black Tuesday, PRAVADA, ORIGAMI, Arkona, CASPCOM, kitty and many others.


"Our radio" – one of the leading Russian radio stations, is part of the "Media Holding" audience of 3 million listeners a day. The basis of the music playlist radio stations are such legendary groups as "Agatha Christie", "DDT", "Alice", Zemfira, "spleen", "the Time Machine", "the king and the Clown", "BI-2" and many others. More than 10 years "Nashe Radio" is the organizer of the largest in the post-Soviet space of the festival "Invasion".


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