In the network appeared the game on the history of how Paul McCartney wasn't allowed to go to the TYGA concert

In the network appeared the game on the history of how Paul McCartney wasn't allowed to go to the TYGA concert
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Indie developer Sergey Mikhailov has released a flash game based on the fact that in 2016 the founder of the group "The Beatles" sir Paul McCartney hasn't been allowed to TYGA party after the ceremony, "Grammy", at which it received its 16th award. Protection is not recognized musician and did not allow him to pass face control.

Rock musician sir Paul McCartney was unable to get to a party in honor of the award "Grammy". The festival was organized by the rapper Tyga. McCartney tried twice to pass face control, but was not successful none of the attempts. As later wrote Tyga on Twitter, the entrance he could not control and did not know that the legendary musician is on the street. According to rap artist, the reasons not to allow sir Paul to the party, simply did not exist.

The game was created in support of the TYGA concert on 11 July which will take place in Moscow club "Arena" by Soho Family. The organizers decided to fix the wildest injustice of the past and give a chance to get to the concert not only Paul McCartney but also less famous personalities. The party, which will run on all organizers will give two tickets to a concert that he unmistakably was able to get through security.

The author of the game is Sergei Mikhailov, an aspiring indie game developer from Ukraine, moved to Russia. It is interesting to note that Sergei drew a game in hand and right on your phone!

The game is about Paul McCartney and TYGA:

On 11 July, 20.00. Moscow. Arena by Soho family. Kutuzovsky prospect, 36, building 11, metro station Kutuzovskaya. Tickets at no extra charge:


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