Tell what will be in the areas of BUILDING WORLD, MIND-WORLD

Tell what will be in the areas of BUILDING WORLD, MIND-WORLD
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Continue to tell you about a great unique festival geek culture "Gicon"!

It offers 5 themed entertainment zones.
Tell what will be in the areas of BUILDING WORLD and MIND-WORLD.


In this area the guests of the festival will be greeted by an atmosphere of concentration and ingenuity.
Only on-site Building world , anyone can own hands to create works of art from the most popular in the world of designer LEGO, to relax and meditate, collecting pictures of puzzles of different sizes, to understand , contemporary wooden designers, and nostalgia with a little wrench in his hands, simulating tanks and aircraft from old-school metal designer.

A Playground for the very curious and interested.

As a theoretical warm - lectures by masters in their field, who will tell about the peculiarities of the game development industry of comics, Board games and much more.

The practical culmination of the information centre of nuclear energy, which presents a series of performances and shows about science in plain language.

Our partners: shopping center "Raduga Park", BY (BABA-YAGA), VKontakte, tourist network VISTA, PROТАНЦЫ, radio Record, Typical Ekaterinburg, Akabu, RESP.

August 31, shopping center "Raduga Park".
Start at 12:00


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