In Ekaterinburg will teach you to do Night of music

In Ekaterinburg will teach you to do Night of music
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Organizers Ural Nights of Music to launch a new educational course "Event management in the music industry": face-to-face training, which will last four months.
Start scheduled for 12 October, the end of the program in January 2020. The best students will have the opportunityto do an internship in the team of the Ural festival Music Night.

In the framework of the educational program is planned to studyseveral thematic units: project management, fundraising (raising funds for the project), music festival (specific managerial skills with musical activities), promotion and PR, as well as important auxiliary module about the creative economy – about the economy, present and future.

Natalia shmelkova, Executive Director of the Ural festival Night of Music:
"Our team permanently need new employees, but to find the right person with the right skill level is often very difficult. We are tired of the endless search, so I decided to approach this issue from the other side and run their educational course."

For team Nights of Music this project is not the first experience in the field of education. The project Ural Music University, in which will start a new course was launched back in 2017. To this day he presented a series of public lectures and discussions for musicians, music industry representatives and other concerned. Another educational side-project – Ural Music Camp – the first international camp for musicians this June was implemented for the third time.

To enroll in a course "Event management in the music industry" on the official website of the project

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