More than a rock concert: participants of the "OUR TOWN" were told how to celebrate the city Day

More than a rock concert: participants of the "OUR TOWN" were told how to celebrate the city Day
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Artists biggest music open-air the country's "INVASION" going "to light" in honor of the city Day in the centre of Moscow on the Sakharov Avenue. In the first weekend of autumn, 7 and 8 September, festival "OUR IN the CITY" will present to Muscovites and guests of the capital almost 20 hours of great music!

On the eve of the big holiday marathon, participant of "OUR TOWN" 2019, the lead singer of "Aria" Michael Sitnyakov told about the present mild excitement: "We welcome the opportunity to participate in the celebration of the city Day of Moscow! All the musicians of the group "Aria" are residents of the capital. So for us this is a home based speech - not only a pleasant moment, but also responsible. In any case, it should be good!"

The leader of the group "Pilot", Petersburger Ilya Hell called "OUR TOWN" a great opportunity to meet with colleagues and discuss joint plans: "the festival is a great chance to meet and talk. We, artists, usually, there is no such possibility. And it was such a nice, friendly get-togethers are born joint creative projects. As for setlist, who will perform "Pilot" - I think that we are not going to scare all his difficult work (for that, mentally and morally to prepare), and will play all the hits outside combat, that is to say, the thrash and metal."

"This festival is a great idea, because it's already nostalgic for the summer "INVASION", and "OUR TOWN" - an opportunity to revel," - said Olga Kormukhina.

"I think any musician that has that song to tell about Moscow, "OUR TOWN" have to say it. I have the song "Moscow Routes," she respectively will be presented," he shared details of the program , Alexander F. Sklyar (VA-Bank).

"Every time include a program of hits and some new product can be inserted into the tracklist, just an hour before performances, when sitting in the dressing room. I wish you all to "OUR IN the CITY" of good mood and perfect weather," commented the team leader 7B Ivan Demian.

"The main thing that the audience in "OUR TOWN" received the joy of meeting with friends and artists to be remembered for a long time and filled all force and energy", - said Sergei Galanin (Serga).

Musician of the group "underwood" Vladimir Tkachenko promised to play on stage of the festival "OUR IN the CITY" as much as possible hits. "The party is good, I think. The party devoted to the Day of Moscow, probably, are also good. Just to say that I have nothing against it. If you have a job, then celebrate at work. This year, I think we have a lot of everything. I think that if we give more time then we will make the program wider and more. Include more hits, because the INVASION of time is always limited."


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