Fabulous Carnival with "Our Radio"!

Fabulous Carnival with "Our Radio"!
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To be in a fairy tale is easier than it seems at first glance. You need only to visit the Metropolitan family Park "Skazka" at Krylatskaya street, 18.

Sunday, March 1 at 13:00 "NASHE Radio" is preparing listeners for a special gift and invites Muscovites and guests of the capital for the festivities. Maslenitsa is the only and favourite family holiday that does not lose its relevance for more than one hundred years.

Spending winter in the company of good friends listening to good music will help the leading morning show "Lifts" Alexander Bon, Tanya Borisova and Igor Pankovthat will set this day in the best folk tradition: sprightly, soulful and delicious.

The main attributes of Our carnival will be interesting contests, games and entertainment, gifts and of course, hot and rosy pancakes. Decorate a holiday performance of the folk rock band After 11.

We love pancake day because you can have fun from the heart! Children and parents can participate in traditional Russian games and lotteries from "Our Radio". Participation in the carnival is free, without prior registration. Location map available at the Park https://parkskazka.com/kontakty/.


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