Label "Tsezis" started working with a new project of Vadim Stepantsova, under the name "Mastodon"

Label "Tsezis" started working with a new project of Vadim Stepantsova, under the name "Mastodon"
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Unlike other legendary rockers of his generation that do not change once you have chosen a style, Vadim Stepantsov did not calm down. So within the group Bakhyt-Compote master was close. Owing to its creative unrest together with the musicians of trio Burlesque Orchestra he created a new project - Mastodon.

Because of this, admirers Vadim Stepantsova have the opportunity to hear some songs that have been unjustly forgotten within the framework of its core group. Regularly this creative Union continues to delight with release of new songs. And now, Vadim Stepantsov, as Mastodon, introduces the audience to four songs simultaneously: vasileh and sad, critical and carefree!

Mastodon VC:

Bakhyt Compote VK:

Vadim Stepantsov VC:

publisher: company TSEZIS, tsezis.Russia


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