Spring single "Casino" from the group "Night Snipers"

Spring single "Casino" from the group "Night Snipers"
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Spring single "Casino" from the group "Night Snipers" starts on digital platforms and on radio stations: 17 Mar track available in digital on March 20 premiere of the songs "Chart dozen" on Our Radio, and from March 23 Casino will March over the radio. Here is what the song Diana Arbenina: "As you know, men doing as they are, it is women. Friend, life fills the man with confidence, strength, courage and fearlessness. This song is the wife of the gangster, who to distraction love not only her husband, but the world in which they exist, and in which every day could be your last. "Casino" can be considered a kind of remake of the single "Bonnie and Clyde" (2007), sample 2020.

Lyrical, very feminine and very recognizable sniper song has all chances to become a hit 2020, we wish Casino to be a favorite single listeners.

Link to the premiere of the song "Casino" on Youtube:

The release of the single in light of Diana commented in his instagram channel: "Good morning, country! Here is my another song flew into the open space of spring 2020. Let the road will be long and serene. I'm more and more convinced that each of us has a chance to be happy. The main thing - to be able to wait. And I think this finally learned."


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