Save the music! April 3 will be a big online music marathon

Save the music! April 3 will be a big online music marathon
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In the face of uncertainty, the massive disruption of tours, the impossibility of carrying out of performances, lack of communication with fans, migrate hundreds, even thousands of events, musicians and concert organizers join forces to save what they hold most dear.

Friday, April 3, will be a big online music marathon in support of the concert sphere. The shares will participate both popular and young performers of rock, indie, rap, pop music and other genres.

The situation caused by the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, determined the fate of the greater part of the concerts and tours. Almost all of them postponed indefinitely. Every minute thousands of unique frames the music industry are working to ensure that all these concerts took place. To music once again sounded in the concert halls.

Each bought and not handed over the ticket – it is a large industry, which is now forced to survive. This is the main message of the marathon.

Participation in the action have already confirmed: Nogu Svelo!, "Nerves," Narimono Theophanes, Uma2rman, "Refining", Svetlana Surganova, "underwood", Jane Air, "Kurara", "PNEUMOCOLON", Linda LASCALA, Dana Sokolova, Olga Kormuhina and Alexei Belov, Andrey Orlovsky and the project “Living poets”, Ilya Hell (group “Pilot”), Aleksey Kortnev (group “Accident”), "Negativ", "Dad's Olympus", Olga H, "Sharpening", Igor Rasteryaev, Pompeya, "aloe Vera", DVANOV and others.

The project initiator is Groups Teleclub (Ekaterinburg) and OUR TV. Marathon A2 support Green Concert (St. Petersburg), Aurora (St. Petersburg), the Astronaut (St. Petersburg), Teleclub (Ekaterinburg), DK Gorbunova (Moscow), Press House (Yekaterinburg), Factory (Ekaterinburg), network of musical shops MUZTORG, Unified ticketing space KASSY.RU, Radio Record and others.

How many times have we said that music can save us in any situation, to support, when we struggle, become the perfect soundtrack to our victories and achievements, to inspire, to encourage and comfort. Music is with us always. Now it is our time to be with music.

Love music. Listen, dance, sing along, clap, hop off – do the same as you would do at the stadium. Only this time, in his room, in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the landing in the yard. Do not donate the purchased tickets. Keep them until the day when I can look into the eyes of your favorite artists. The long-awaited meeting will happen soon (and it will happen for sure). But in the meantime join the great online festival right at home. Stream free for all visitors. Remember – for music and creativity has no barriers. All barriers are only in our heads.

Soon to be announced on site and time of the event. Watch for announcements on the website


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