Belarusian musician supplies Russia with products!

Belarusian musician supplies Russia with products!
Photo source:
the press service of the artist

An urgent message from the “Studio 69”! In connection with the epidemiological situation in the country we have to announce... that we are not afraid of the quarantine and we continue to give the viewers a good mood!

In the new issue you can find out why Maruv decided to leave in style the sex chanson and reporoa who gave Konstantin Anisimov living girl and why Belarusian singer brought the potatoes to the show!

Only here you will hear the most recognizable hit platform TikTok "Patamushta" with latex, beautiful girls and quality music! And also hear, though a little plagiarism, but perhaps new super hit Siren Song performed Mawla!

And most importantly, if the show will see more than 50 people at the same time, the channel will continue its work despite the restrictive measures.

Don't leave your room and see a new episode of “Studio 69”.

P. S. No one was injured in the shooting. We have sanitizer.


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